7 Reasons Why Building a Home is Better Than Buying a Ready-Made One
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7 Reasons Why Building a Home is Better Than Buying a Ready-Made One

Are you beginning to prepare for a big move? Maybe your family is outgrowing your current space. Perhaps a new job opportunity has you looking in different areas (or even a different state). There is a lot of work that goes into the finding the perfect house that will meet all your family’s needs. Often, the house you envision with all the features and functions you desire just isn’t available on the market. Or, maybe you found a house that could work, but it is so outdated you’ll need to invest a lot more money into it in order to make it functional and stylish.

These are just a few of the reasons why many prospective homeowners are turning towards building their own homes. Read below for 7 reasons why you should be considering building a new home instead of buying an existing house.

Floor Plan

If you’ve been on the market for a new home and have visited some open houses, then you’ve probably realized that many houses have potential, but their floor plan just won’t work for your family. You’ve probably noticed that some builders just didn’t use the space available for the house in the way you would have. Maybe the kitchen or the bedrooms are too small. Perhaps the room that your young child would be sleeping in is too close to the front door and you just wouldn’t be comfortable with that. This is a major benefit of building your own home! You have control over the floor plan.

You can work with your builders to make sure you get that large master suite or dining room that will seat 10 for your big parties! Most custom builders will have pre-designed floor plans to give you a starting point, but you can also check out sites like The House Plan Shop for some great ideas and if there are changes or tweaks you want to make, you’ll have that option too. This is definitely not the case with a ready-made home!

You can Customize Everything to Meet Your Needs and Wants

From the color of the carpet to the stone that is selected for the countertops, all the decisions about the finishes of your new home will be made to you. Even if you can find an existing home that will meet most of your needs, you’ve probably lamented about the ‘ugly’ color that was selected for the bedroom walls or that the cabinets were stained much darker than you like! When you custom-build your own home, you don’t have to worry about making any compromises. Since you’ll be working alongside the builders each step of the way, you’ll get the final say about what materials, colors, and designs are selected for those finishing touches!


Location is another reason many are turning to building their own homes. Maybe there is a particular neighborhood you want to live in or a school you want your children to attend, but there just aren’t any houses available on the market. This could lead you to start researching land prices and the cost to build a house pittsburgh or wherever your chosen neighborhood may be. If you purchase land in that neighborhood and build your own home, it’ll help you get to where you want to live. You’ll also have more say in the size of your property. When you buy an existing home, the lot is already set. The size of the backyard can’t change, and you can’t add more space for a long driveway. When you build your own home, you choose the lot size that will work for your family and give you the amount of space you want.


When you build your own home with a reputable custom builder your trust you can be confident in the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials that are used. You’ll be able to walk through the house at various stages of the building process and see the high-quality work that your builder is providing you. If you aren’t satisfied with something, you have the opportunity to address your concerns with the builder and fix it before you move in. When you buy an existing home, you don’t really know much about the quality of construction. You can’t see behind the walls or under the floor to know if the original builders did a thorough and quality job building the house.

Energy Efficiency

Unless you’ll be buying an existing home that was very recently built, chances are it is not going to be very energy efficient. Not only is this not good for the environment, it also isn’t good for your pocketbook! Older appliances require more energy to run and thus cost you a lot more. When you build your own home, it’ll be outfitted with new, energy efficient appliances. This article shows you how using energy efficient appliances can save you money! When you get that first electrical bill, you’ll definitely be impressed to see how much you are saving each month!

No Worries of Immediate Repairs

One of the biggest concerns new homeowners face after they purchase a new home is the worry over having to make a big repair! If you’ve just bought a home and all of a sudden are faced with the need to purchase a new water heater or put on a new roof, it can be very challenging financially! When you build your own home, you can rest easy knowing that all your appliances, fixtures, and finishes are new, so you won’t need to worry about any repairs or replacements for quite some time!

Pride of Ownership

Finally, if you build your own home, you’ll have a sense of pride that you just won’t experience when buying an existing home. You’ll know that you helped design your home to create the beautiful retreat that it is. When friends compliment you on the design of your new kitchen or the beautiful hardwood floors throughout your home, your smile will shine bright with pride!

If you’ve been considering building your own home, now is the time to start the process. Partnering with a reputable custom home builder, like Q Coast Builders Gold Coast, can help you turn your dreams into reality! A custom builder will walk you through each step of the home building process, so you aren’t overwhelmed. They will help you select the best materials for your home and work with your budget to create your new oasis!

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