Ultimate Fan Guide to Cheer On Your Favorite Team: The Miami Dolphins
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Ultimate Fan Guide to Cheer On Your Favorite Team: The Miami Dolphins

Ultimate Fan Guide to Cheer On Your Favorite Team: The Miami Dolphins

2019 is a year of major change for Miami Dolphins fans, and right now it’s truly hard to say what direction things are headed. It’s a year to rebuild the team that we’ve come to know and love over the years. Or, to put it more bluntly, it’s a year of tanking and historically bad performance on the field. Let’s hope it’s all worth it when next year’s draft rolls around.

Even though things are heading south for the team, it’s still a good idea to head south to catch a game. One upside of the Dolphin’s tank job is that tickets on the secondary market have never been cheaper. It’s easier now than ever to head to Miami for a home game at Hard Rock Stadium.

Here’s a quick guide so you can take advantage of low prices for an NFL game. From the food at the stadium to the beauty of the town to the great places to stay, it’s no secret that Miami has one of the nation’s best offerings.

What It’s Like at Hard Rock Stadium

Local artists have contributed their work to bring the stadium to life, and many years have been spent modernizing it entirely. It’s one that not only embraces the team’s branding but the local culture that has made the community what it is today. The stadium and grounds are like the world’s largest indoor street art gallery. The stadium has also been picked to host the 2020 Super Bowl, so it’s getting into the best shape it’s been in years.

What to Eat at the Stadium that the Dolphins Call Home

Known for featuring some of the best food in Miami, Florida, Hard Rock Stadium has restaurants on all 3 levels of the stadium. From traditional chicken wings to savory seafood, you’ll find that there’s something for just about everyone, regardless of what their taste buds are craving.

The top restaurants within the stadium are as follows.


  • &Pizza


  • 305 Grill


  • Benihana


  • Brews Room


  • Café Versailles


  • Edgewater Grill


  • Farmstead Chicken


  • Fuku


  • Grown


  • Los Ranchos Steak House


  • Mojo Donuts


  • MSC Gelato


  • Ra Sushi


  • Republic Seafood


  • Shula Burger


  • Sloppy Joe’s


  • Stacked


Did you know that Hard Rock Stadium has helped the Dolphins gain the reputation for having the first organic concession stand in an NFL stadium? If you love healthy food, be sure to check out Grown.

2019 Miami Dolphins Home Games Schedule

With such a memorable season in store, it’s going to be impossible for any diehard Dolphins fan to pass up the opportunity to get their piece of the action. Here are the upcoming home games kicking off at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

  • vs Los Angeles Chargers


Week 4 – September 29, 2019


  • vs Washington Redskins


Week 6 – October 13, 2019


  • vs New York Jets


Week 9 – November 3, 2019


  • vs Buffalo Bills


Week 11 – November 17, 2019


  • vs Philadelphia Eagles


Week 13 – December 1, 2019


  • vs Cincinnati Bengals


Week 16 – December 22, 2019


What to Wear to a Dolphins Game?

Usually, shorts and t-shirts will do, but this is where you might want to have a little bit of extra fun to spice up your life as a superfan. Gone are the days of the traditional foam fingers, making room for the days where creative Miami Dolphins fans have come to the surface with new ideas.

Staying Nearby to Hard Rock Stadium for Dolphins Games

If you’re coming from out of town, you’ll want to stay the night or weekend. Two hotels stand out for their convenience. The Hyatt Regency Miami boasts two separate towers that comprise one of Miami’s premier hotels. It’s packed with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, spacious rooms, and a great dining experience.

The Even Hotels at the Miami Airport is another great choice. Its location right by the airport makes it convenient to get in and out. Free Wi-Fi, 24-hour fitness center, and a good on-site restaurant make it a comfortable stay.

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