Power Tools That Every House Owner Should Have in Garage
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Power Tools That Every House Owner Should Have in Garage

Power Tools That Every House Owner Should Have in Garage

Being a house owner is not a bed of roses. The Maintenance of our property is a real hard challenge of every day. So it is necessary to keep the most needed tools in your garage. At the same time purchasing good and essential tools is a smart thing. This guide will help you to get a clear view of power tools that every house owner should have in the garage.



A drill is a primary tool that is often used for making holes in concrete or driving fasteners. This tool is fixed with a drill or driver depending on the application, applied by chuck. At the same time power drills also include a hammer and some other specific function. A drill tip consists of various parts called Drill bit, chuck, and torque selection ring, on/off the trigger, forward/reverse switch and grip. These high performance cordless drills will do the work in limited time. This drill bit come in various sizes and shapes create different circular holes in many different varieties of materials. This tools kit is also used in various process like repairing minor plumbing tasks, fixing broken wooden furniture, and drilling a hole in various materials like wooden, concrete, tiles, metals, etc…



A jigsaw is a sharp tool which is used to cut irregular curves called stenciled designs in wood or any other material. This electrically powered jigsaw known as scroll saws. Jigsaw consist of different parts likewise they are jigsaw blade, blade clamp mechanism, blade guard, blade roller guide, dust collection, lock-on button, etc…There are various types of blades used in this jigsaws called as HIGH-CARBON STEEL (HCS), HIGH-SPEED STEEL(HSS), BI- METAL(BM), TUNGSTEN CARBIDE(TC), DIAMOND-GRID BLADE. Control is a big issue with a jigsaw, those blades are comparatively small and week with lower end entirely unsupported. To get good control, it requires the presence of component called blade rollers. That blade aligned just above the sole plate. To learn more about jigsaws, read these cordless jigsaw reviews.



A power miter saw was invented by Ed Niehaus,the chief engineer in the power tool division for Rockwell International-1964.The power miter saw also called a drop saw. This tool is used to create a quick, perfect crosscut in a masterwork piece at a selected various angle. Commonly it used for cutting of highly molding and trim object. These miter saws are usually small in size and portable with normal blade size ranging from eight inches to twelve inches. The standard position of this miter saw is a 90° and it also quickly set to different common angles such as 15°,22.5°,30°and 45°. There are various types of miter saws are now available they are, original miter box and saw, power/standard miter saw, compound-miter saw, dual compound miter saw sliding compound miter saw, laser/LED miter saw. Want to know more check vletuknow a complete review guide.


Components of miter saw:

Slide Rails, fence, table, miter scale, handle, power switch (located inside the handle), guard, miter lock handle, miter latch, quick release lever and table locking knob.



The nail gun was designed by Morris Pynoos for his work on Howard Hughes ‘Hughes H-4Hercules. Nail gun or nailer is one of the primary tool which used to drive nails into different kind of materials like wood etc. It’s piston is usually powers by compressed air (pneumatic), electromagnets and some high flammable gases called butane and propane. Some nail guns have replace hammer as their user choice. The first nail gun with air pressure was introduced to the Market on 1950 for helping to speed the construction works. With the original Nail gun, we could nail 40-60 nails per minute. It had capacity of 400-600.


Various types of nail guns:

  1. Powder actuated nail guns (explosive powered nail guns)
  2. Electric nail gun
  3. Solenoid powered nail gun
  4. Pin nailer
  5. Combustion powered nail gun


Components of Nail gun:


Piston, driver blade, self-cleaning filter, fitting, truggee, vent, magazine, depth of drive and bump furring etc…


5. Power sander

A power sander is a tool used to smoothen the surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Sanders have a designed mechanism to moving rapidly with sandpaper. Sanders cab be hand-hold or it fix to a work bench. There are various types of sanders used for different purpose. Likewise multipurpose power tools and drills may have sander attachment with it.


Different varieties of sanders are:


  • Flap sander or sanding flap wheel
  • Belt sander (hand hold)
  • Disc sander
  • Oscillating spindle sander
  • Random orbital sander
  • Orbital sander
  • Straight-line sander
  • Detail sander
  • Stroke sander
  • Wide belt sander
  • Profile shaper/sander.


Components of power sanders are-palm grip, power cable, D-handle, Dust bag, sanding pad, lip seal, power switch, and body housing motor. These are some of the important power tools which must want to be in every house owner’s garage. Apart from this some other tools like an air compressor, paint sprayer, rotary tool, wrench, and multi tool kit etc.

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