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First 5 Phrases That Dogs Should Learn When First Using Talking Buttons

First 5 Phrases That Dogs Should Learn When First Using Talking Buttons

If you have an old canine or a young puppy, you can still teach your pet new tricks to be able to communicate with your better instead of just guessing what your animal needs to be happy during the day, you can come up with a better line of communication so your pup can tell you exactly what they need when they need it.

Has your dog ever been hungry but you thought they wanted a walk? Maybe they needed to go outside to go to the bathroom and instead you gave them their food. If you have trouble understanding the needs of your pup, or you want a better line of communication, consider using a new method that has been proven to increase the relationship between you and your canine.

First 5 phrases to use with talking buttons

If you are trying to teach your pup how to communicate better with you, then you need to teach them how to use talking buttons. By allowing your dog to have great communication skills and be able to speak with you to tell you exactly what they want, you can better improve your relationship with your pup, know what they need, and avoid guessing games.

Since communicating with your pet is essential to creating a deep bond with your animal, you need to first learn the importance of why you should teach talking buttons to your dog. By using talking buttons, you improve the line of communication between you and your dog so you can better understand their daily and momentary needs. Instead of accidentally taking your dog out for a walk when they are actually asking for food, you will better be able to speak with your dog so there is nothing missed.

How did talking buttons come to be? Fortunately for you and your pup, dog buttons have been around for a little while now. Since one owner found that she wanted to be able to deeply communicate with their pup and there were currently no methods to allow for easy training of her dog, she took matters into her own hands – and created talking buttons.

After successfully teaching her dog how to use the buttons and creating a better dialogue between herself and her pet, she decided to show the effectiveness of using talking buttons to the rest of the pet world.

Food / hungry

One of the first phrases to use when you are teaching your dog how to use talking buttons is when they are hungry or want food. If your dog constantly whines when they are hungry, or if you are late to feed them during their daily schedule, then they might be whining or barking, and you might not know what they want. With talking buttons, you can teach your pup how to ask for food calmly.

You can begin by pressing the button yourself before every time you give your dog food. Eventually, your dog will see that the pressing of the button leads to food being put in their bowl. This way, they will soon be pressing the button when they want the food in their bowl.


The second phrase that you should teach your dog when using talking buttons to increase your communication with your pet is to go outside. Going outside can typically refer to going for a walk, playing, or going outside to go to the bathroom. Since being outside is a common phrase that is associated with other words, you oftentimes will use the button outside with other buttons.

Teach your dog how to use the outside talking button by pressing it every time before you take your dog outside to go on a walk, go to the bathroom, or go outside to play. Begin using the talking button in combination with the other buttons to show your dog how to make a complete phrase or thought out of using two buttons.

Bathroom / pee

The third phrase that you need to teach your dog when using talking buttons is the bathroom or going outside to pee. By teaching your dog to press this button when they need to go to the bathroom, you can avoid any accidents inside of your home. If you find that your dog is whining when they need to go outside to go to the bathroom, press the button to show your dog that it must be pressed before they can go outside. This way, your dog will eventually press the button themselves when they have to go to the bathroom.


The next phrase to teach your dog when using talking buttons as a beginner is going outside to play or go for a walk. If your dog typically gets rambunctious, barks, and is full of energy when they want to play, use the talking buttons to make it more productive and avoid having your dog running around the house and disrupting your day. Instead, teach your dog to press the walk button when they want to go outside and get some exercise.

Go to the park

The last phrase that you can teach your pup using talking buttons is going to the park or somewhere that you typically go to walk, play, or meet with other dogs. By showing your dog that you must press this “go to the park” button before going to have a fun adventure outside, you can reiterate with your dog the importance of using these talking buttons to communicate their needs.

Instead of having your dog bark when they are frustrated or full of energy that is not being used, I can show them to use the talking buttons to communicate what they want to do at that certain point in the day.


If you want to work with your dog to be able to understand their needs better and improve your relationship as an owner and pet, then you should consider using talking buttons. By being able to communicate their exact needs in a calm and organized way, you can listen and provide your dog exactly what they need!

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