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2Pac Released His Makaveli Album 25 Years Ago Today


What can I say about 2Pac that I haven’t said before; he’s the greatest musician of all-time to me. Despite his passing over 25 years ago, he’s still my biggest idol next to my father. For me, he wasn’t just another rapper or entertainer, but someone that was speaking for me. Like Pac, I’m very outspoken, especially when it comes to social issues or being the voice for people who’s scared to say something. Seeing he passed away on September 13, 1996 I didn’t think he would put out any more music, but I was wrong. Less than two months after he passed, his classic Makaveli album was released. For those unaware, his alias with the Outlawz was Makaveli as they adopted names from historical figures that many considered to be Outlaws.

Toss It Up

The first single from the album was Toss It Up, which was an upbeat track that featured a few R&B cats. I remember when the video dropped, there were rumors that he faked his death because the I Ain’t Mad At Cha video came out after he died. The big thing about that video was he died and went to heaven after being shot, which was supposed to end his run as 2Pac and transitioned to Makaveli. This was a great club song from Pac, but in the end he threw some shots Dr. Dre.

To Live and Die in L.A.

We go from a club track like Toss It Up to a smooth track in this one. To Live and Die in L.A. was a laid back track that was a tribute to Los Angeles and part two of California Love. Also on this track he shouted out Suge, Snoop, Dogg Pound and a few other artists. Check out the video above as it was a feel good track from Pac and he killed it.

Hail Mary

This is probably my favorite track off the album and that’s Hail Mary. I remember the first time hearing this song and how eerie it sounded. When the video finally was released; it added to the 2Pac is still alive theories. The video was about 2Pac or Makaveli rising from the grave and getting revenge on the guys who killed him. This is a classic track and the video makes this even better.

This is my second favorite 2Pac album ever and one of my favorite albums of all-time. The 7 Day Theory is an album that I can listen to from the beginning to the end without skipping, which is hard to do with albums. My favorite tracks are Bomb First, Hail Mary, Blasphemy, Krazy, White Manz World, Hold Ya Head and Against All Odds. Below is the track listing for this classic!


  1. Intro- Bomb First(My Second Reply)
  2. Hail Mary ft. Outlawz
  3. Toss It Up ft. KCi & JoJo, Danny Boy & Aaron Hall
  4. To Live and Die in L.A.
  5. Blasphemy
  6. Life of An Outlaw ft. Outlawz
  7. Just Like Daddy ft. Outlawz
  8. Krazy ft. Bad Azz
  9. White Manz World
  10. Me and My Girlfriend
  11. Hold Ya Head
  12. Against All Odds


Where are all my Pac heads at? Did you know that his Makaveli Don Killuminati- 7 Day Theory dropped on November 5, 1996? What’s your favorite track off his Makaveli album? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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