What Are The Options For A Family Car?
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What Are The Options For A Family Car?

As many families grow, it becomes necessary to buy a bigger vehicle. For most of us, this means buying an SUV or minivan. Unfortunately, these vehicles come with high price tags and often short lifespans in terms of mileage. What other options do we have to ensure that our family has a safe, reliable ride when we are on the road?

What Are The Options For A Family Car?

Size Matters

One option is to keep one car small and get another bigger car for family trips. For example, a sedan would be great for getting around town, while an SUV or minivan would work well for longer trips. The key with this option is not letting your smaller vehicle become too cramped by adding lots of extra passengers to avoid accidents like running out of room to turn the steering wheel. Also, if more than one driver will be using these vehicles, make sure they are both comfortable in the same sized cars – it’s no good having two drivers who can’t drive each other’s cars properly. This also means that you’ll need enough garage space to house both vehicles.


Another option is to buy a car that can last a long time with just regular maintenance. Look for a sturdy but simple vehicle that won’t need parts replaced every few months. Check the costs of replacement parts and service and see how many miles it will take before they start costing more than the price of the vehicle itself! Also, look into having your mechanic inspect the car regularly when you change its oil, so you know you’re not neglecting any serious issues.

Avoid becoming attached to your car – both in terms of it being too good for its own good (in other words, not wanting to get rid of it) or becoming overly emotional about getting rid of an old car even though it has become less safe over time. It’s important to think about your family’s safety, so you should consider whether or not the car will be able to safely transport everyone.

Used Cars

It might also be wise to join a community of people interested in maintaining their cars. Check out all the used car options that are available at places like Edmunds. You could find yourself with an awesome ride much cheaper than if you were simply shopping for one alone. If there is another person who wants to buy it as well, perhaps you will meet them through the community and end up with a great friend too!


Another important consideration when buying a new vehicle for your family is its fuel efficiency. While this may seem trivial compared to safety features like airbags and side-impact beams (which can prevent serious injuries), it may actually be more important in the long run. For example, what if you need to drive a lot of children to extracurricular activities? If your car gets poor gas mileage and requires premium fuel, that could get expensive! And think about how many extra people can fit into an SUV or minivan compared to a sedan – the numbers might surprise you!

As mentioned before, it’s important not to become overly attached to your vehicle. This is especially true when safety features (that aren’t missing) and fuel efficiency (that isn’t bad) meet other financial needs like price and the desire for reliability. While it’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable enough while driving, it’s also vital we all make choices that benefit our family as a whole.

Remember: safety is the most important thing to consider when buying a car for your entire family!

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