Classic Twista It Feels So Good for Throwback Thursday
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Classic Twista It Feels So Good for Throwback Thursday

Classic Twista It Feels So Good for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. The week started off with the 2Pacalypse Now album and new joints from NBA Youngboy and 2 Chainz. There were a few personal mixtapes that were made by me included. There were 3 in total and one of them was representing the Midwest. When I’m talking Midwest it’s Do or Die, Top Authority, Twista and Dayton Family. Victory Lap from Nipsey Hussle, Another Bad Creation and Rihanna’s A Girl Like Me were played this week. My featured track is coming from that Midwest compilation that was put together several years ago. My Throwback Thursday track is from Twista and his Adrenaline Rush project. This one is a little personal for me because it takes me back when I was much younger.

My best friend, who passed away over 11 years ago used to bump the hell out of that Adrenaline Rush album. His car had some knock to it and when I hear It Feels So Good, it takes me back to riding around with him. It Feels So good is the featured track and the entire album was dope. As we all know, Do or Die introduced Twista to a bigger audience after he appeared on their Po Pimp track. Adrenaline Rush was released a year later, and it went platinum. Check out It Feels So Good up above. You can peep the track listing and stream links to Adrenaline Rush below.

  1. Intro
  2. Adrenaline Rush ft. Yung Buk of Psycho Drama
  3. Death Before Dishonor
  4. It Feels So Good
  5. Overdose
  6. Mobster’s Anthem
  7. Get Her in the Mood (Skit)
  8. Emotions ft. Johnny P
  9. Unsolved Mystery
  10. Korrupt World
  11. Get It Wet
  12. No Remorse
  13. Emotions (Remix)

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