Reasons Why Your Drill Bits Keep Breaking

Reasons Why Your Drill Bits Keep Breaking

Drill bits are practical tools for drilling through rigid materials and hold up against time. However, improper handling and poor quality can result in broken or damaged drill bits, which can become costly as you get replacements or repairs. So here are some reasons why your drill bits keep getting damaged and broken.

Poor Drill Bit Quality

The quality of drill bits can impact the performance when cutting through rigid materials. Because various brands use different materials and processing, they can produce manufacturing defects. Moreover, low steel quality and improper sharpening can result in poorly performing drill bits. Therefore, you must choose the right drill bits from a manufacturer with a credible reputation and a deep understanding of their products.

Not Allowing Breaks

As drill bits strain against feed and speed, the constant heat, pressure, and friction can result in drill bits breaking apart. If you’re using drill bits for stubborn materials, you must give your tools breaks throughout the process.

Drill bits experience incredibly high temperatures while drilling, which can damage your tools if you don’t give them breaks. Your devices must have cooldown periods to prevent overheating and breaking.

Wrong Drill Bit for Application

One of the reasons why your drill bits keep breaking is that you’re choosing the wrong drill bit for the project. Drill bits vary according to coating, geometry, and material.

For instance, high-carbon-steel drill bits suit wood and metal, and high-speed-steel drill bits work best for drilling metal or hardened plastics. Meanwhile, carbide drill bits work for masonry and metal, and cobalt drill bits drill stainless steel. If you’re choosing the wrong drill bit for your drilling application, it’s more likely to break and become damaged.

No Cutting Oils Used

Cutting oil is one of the ways to extend cutting tool life, and it’s effective for drill bits. It prevents nicks, chips, and other damage. When drilling into metal, you should use cutting oil to counteract the generation of heat and friction.

Cutting oil helps by lubricating the drilling process while decreasing the heat. On the other hand, tools and materials will grow too hot without cutting oil, resulting in broken tools and drill bits.

High-quality drill bits that receive proper maintenance and care can last for a long time. Ensure that you practice appropriate drill bit care to uphold its performance and effectiveness for your drilling applications.

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