27 No Limit Records Albums That Should Be In Your Collection

27 No Limit Records Albums That Should Be In Your Collection

Tonight is the world premiere of the No Limit Chronicles on BET. No Limit Records had one of the great runs in hip hop. Master P was dropping a new album from a different artist every other week. Trust me; I was buying everything No Limit was dropping. Master P, C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, TRU, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg and Magic. Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane & Abel, 504 Boyz, Big Ed, Mr. Serv-On, Young Bleed and some movie soundtracks. No Limit Records went on to sell about 75 million records. The 5-part BET special will highlight the rise of the iconic label and Master P. No Limit Records put out some classic albums over the years. Check out 27 No Limit Records albums that should be in your collection. These albums aren’t in any particular order.


Master P Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Man was the album that started building traction for No Limit Records. Mr. Ice Cream Man was the single that was on a lot of mixtapes. Bout It, Bout II was the follow up to the version off the True album. The biggest hit was definitely Break Em’ Off Something featuring UGK. Ice Cream Man became Master P and No Limit Records first platinum album.


My Top 5 Tracks: Break Em’ Off Something, Mr. Ice Cream Man, Bout It, Bout It II, My Ghetto Heroes and the Ghetto Won’t Change


Master P Ghetto D

Ghetto D was the sixth album from Master P and the follow up to Ice Cream Man. Ghetto D propelled Master P and No Limit Records to superstar status. Ghetto D sold well over 3 million records. I Miss My Homies was the lead single and it became the #1 rap song in America. The track featured Silkk the Shocker and Pimp C of UGK. I Miss My Homies went to go gold. Make ‘Em Say Uhh! was the second and final single from Ghetto D. Make ‘Em Say Uhh! went platinum and was a huge hit everywhere. Ghetto D was a phenomenal album and one of my favorite No Limit albums.


My Top 5 Tracks: Let’s Get Em, Gangstas Need Love, Bourbons and Lacs, Only Time Will Tell and I Miss My Homies


TRU Tru 2 Da Game

The group TRU consisted of Master P and his brothers C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker. Tru 2 Da Game was their fourth album as a group and their most successful one. The album came out between the Ice Cream Man and Ghetto D joints. Tru 2 Da Game went double platinum and it was a double album also. I Always Feel Like was the lead single and it featured Mia X. Overall this was a really good album and continued the momentum of No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: No Limit Soldiers, Final Ride, Pop Goes My 9, TRU 2 Da Game and Swamp Nigga


I’m Bout It Soundtrack

This was another of their classic releases in 1997. I’m Bout It was a hood classic and the soundtrack was equally good. I’m Bout It mixed a lot of hip hop with some smooth R&B also. The No Limit roster was featured along with the likes of E-40 and B-Legit. One of two classic soundtracks put out but No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: How Ya Do Dat, If I Could Change, Pushin’ Inside You, Down and Dirty and Meal Ticket


C-Murder Life or Death

Some people have labeled Life or Death as the best solo album released on No Limit Records. This was the debut album from C-Murder and it didn’t disappoint. A 2nd Chance was the first single and it featured Master P and Silkk the Shocker. Life or Death had hits from the beginning to the end of the album. Life or Death eventually went double platinum.


My Top 5 Tracks: Akickdoe, Feel My Pain, Soldiers, The Truest Shit and Making Moves


Snoop Dogg Da Game is to be Sold, Not to be Told

Some people were so used to Snoop’s sound from Death Row, they didn’t like this one. While this one didn’t sound anywhere like Doggystyle, Snoop’s No Limit debut was nice to me. Snoop Dogg sounded great with the Beats by the Pound sound. Still a G Thang was the first single and it played off his hit with Dr. Dre. Master P and the No Limit Soldiers were heavily featured on the album. Da Game is to be Sold, Not to be Told went on to sell over two million records. After uncertainty in his career, Snoop Dogg got back on his feet with this album and No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: Snoop World, Get Bout It and Rowdy, Still a G Thang, Gin & Juice II and Woof!


Mystikal Unpredictable

Mystikal had already developed a name across the south and the New Orleans area. Unpredictable was his first album under the No Limit umbrella. The Unpredictable album marked the first appearance by Snoop Dogg on a No Limit album. Ain’t No Limit was the first single and it featured Silkk the Shocker and Master P. Ain’t No Limit was a dope track and it was followed by the Man Right Chea. Unpredictable went on to go platinum and added another plaque to the label.


My Top 5 Tracks: Still Smokin, Ain’t No Limit, Ghetto Child, Born 2 Be A Soldier and The Man Right Chea


Silkk the Shocker Charge It 2 Da Game

Charge It 2 Da Game was the second album from Silkk the Shocker. Many people have clowned Silkk over the years, but this album is solid. Just Be Straight with Me featured a young, upcoming group named Destiny’s Child. It was his first single and it also featured Master P. It Ain’t My Fault featuring Mystikal was the second and final single from the album. It Ain’t My Fault became the #1 Rap Song in the country. Charge It 2 Da Game became another platinum success for No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: Give Me the World, I’m a Soldier, If I Don’t Gotta, It Ain’t My Fault and Who Can I Trust


Mac Shell Shocked

Mac was featured on several No Limit releases before finally dropping his album Shell Shocked in July of 1998. The album didn’t even go gold, but it’s very respected in the hip hop community. Mac was my favorite rapper on No Limit Records and I couldn’t wait for it to drop. Boss Chick was the only single from the album and it featured Mia X. This is one of my favorite No Limit albums.


My Top 5 Tracks: Money Talks, Can I Ball, Callin’ Me, Be All You Can Be and Boss Chick


Fiend There’s One in Every Family

If Mac was my favorite of the No Limit Soldiers, Fiend was a close second. Fiend has always had that smooth sound. There’s One in Every Family was an amazing album. Take My Pain was the only single released from the album and it was a typical Fiend track. Master P and Silkk the Shocker joined him on the track. There’s One in Every Family added another platinum plaque to the label. This album was great from the beginning to end.


My Top 5 Tracks: Take My Pain, Live Me Long, What Cha Mean, Who Got the Fire and The Streets Ain’t Safe


Soulja Slim Give It 2 ‘Em Raw

From what I was told niggas say Ima hit No Limit like Pac hit Death Row. Those were the opening lines from his debut single. Give It 2 Em Raw didn’t reach gold status, but the album hit hard. Soulja Slim was dubbed as the 2Pac of New Orleans. Give It 2 Em Raw had hits on top of hits. Unfortunately, Soulja Slim was gunned down in November of 2003.


My Top 5 Tracks: At the Same Time, From What I Was Told, Imagine, Wootay and Street Life


Mia X Unlady Like

Mia X is forever one of my favorite female rappers ever. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the props she deserves. The gold selling Unlady Like opened a lot of people’s eyes. Throughout the years, Mama Mia shined on other people’s tracks. The Party Don’t Stop was the only single released from the album. This was a good look for Mia X as it featured Foxy Brown and Master P. Mia X showed her lyrical ability with this one. Unlady Like eventually went gold and became one the better albums from No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: You Don’t Wanna Go 2 War, The Party Don’t Stop, 4Ever Tru, I Pity U and Let’s Get It Straight


Master P MP Da Last Don

MP Da Last Don was billed as Master P’s final album. The album turned out to be a double CD. MP Da Last Don almost went gold during the first week of its release. The album would eventually sell over 4 million copies. UGK, Bone Thugs N Harmony, E-40 and the No Limit Soldiers appeared on the album. The album received mixed reviews but it was pretty good in my opinion.


My Top 5 Tracks: Eternity, The Ghetto’s Got Me Trapped, These Streets Keep Me Rollin, Ghetto Life and Till We Dead and Gone


Young Bleed My Balls and My Word

Young Bleed only dropped one album on No Limit, but it was a good one. My Balls and My Word got a kickstart from his single How Ya Do Dat. The track was a single off the I’m Bout It soundtrack featuring Master P and C-Loc. How Ya Do Dat was one of No Limit Records biggest hits. Times So Hard was another classic featuring Master P and Fiend. Those are two of the best tracks from his gold selling album.


My Top 5 Tracks: How Ya Do Dat, Times So Hard, Bring the Noise, Keep It Real and Better Than Last Time


Big Ed The Assassin

Big Ed was with No Limit Records since 1992 before dropping his solo, debut in 1998. When buying the Assassin album, my hopes weren’t high because Big Ed had few tracks to shine on. After listening to it, the Assassin became one of my favorite albums. Unfortunately, Big Ed passed away in 2001 to cancer. Unfortunately, this album isn’t available on any streaming services.


My Top 5 Tracks: Just Me and U, Shake’m Up, Go 2 War, Uh Oh and Life


Snoop Dogg No Limit Top Dogg

No Limit Top Dogg was his fourth album and second on No Limit Records. This album has been said it’s his best one since Doggystyle. No Limit Top Dogg sold another two million records. Two of the three singles released off the album are classic records. Bitch Please featuring Xzibit and Down 4 My Niggas with C-Murder and Magic. This was definitely another dope project from Snoop Dogg.


My Top 5 Tracks: Down 4 My N’s, Bitch Please, Don’t Tell, Trust Me and Buck Em


Mac World War 3

The year after dropping Shell Shocked, Mac returned with World War 3. World War 3 felt like Mac had more control over it. This album was more lyrical and not like other No Limit albums. Unfortunately, this was the final album he dropped as he went to jail in 2001. Mac has been accused of murder and it’s something he’s denied ever since. World War 3 was another nice joint from Mac. Free Mac!!!


My Top 5 Tracks: Can U Love Me? Battle Cry, Paradise, Genocide and Father’s Day


I Got the Hook Up Soundtrack

Unfortunately, you will not find this one on either streaming services also. I Got the Hook Up Soundtrack featured artists like Ice Cube, Jay-Z, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, 8Ball & MJG, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the No Limit Soldiers. Once again, No Limit Records put out another platinum album. The soundtrack is full of bangers from the beginning to the end. If you can find this one CD, please do and upload it to Apple Music to ride around.


My Top 5 Tracks: Itch or Scratch, Would You Hesitate, Ghetto Vet, I Got the Hook-Up and From What I Was Told


Fiend Street Life

Street Life was the follow-up of his No Limit debut that dropped the year before. Street Life didn’t see the same success as There’s One in Every Family, but it was still good. Just like Mac, Fiend seemed to had a lot of creative control of his second joint. This album missed going gold and unfortunately it was his last on No Limit Records.


My Top 5 Tracks: Waiting on God, Heart of A Ghetto Boy, Mr. Whomp Whomp, War 4 Reason and Ak’n Bad


504 Boyz Goodfellas

504 Boyz consisted of Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, C-Murder, Mac, Krazy and Magic. The album went on to go double platinum. The album features label mates Snoop Dogg, Mercedes, Erica Foxx, Samm, Black Felon/X-Con, Ms Peaches, Mr Marcelo, Jamo, Traci/Baby Girl, D.I.G. and Ghetto Commission, as well as Pusha T (who, at the time, went by the name Terrar), Pharrell and RBX.


My Top 5 Tracks: Uptown, Life is Serious, If You Real, Keep It Real, D-Game and Say Brah


Down South Hustlers

This was one of the compilations Master P put out to get everyone’s name out there. A lot of current and future No Limit Soldiers appeared on Down South Hustlers. The Dayton Family, UGK and 8Ball & MJG also appeared on the compilation.


My Top 5 Tracks: Playaz from the South, Fright Night, Stick N Move, Hustlin and So Much Pain


Silkk The Shocker

The Shocker was the debut album from Silkk. Later on, he started calling himself Silkk the Shocker. The Shocker went gold and it was a precursor to his success with his next album. The Shocker featured Master P on a lot of the tracks, but I was cool with it.


My Top 5 Tracks: Murder, The Shocker, How We Mobb, Ghetto Tears and Why My Homie


Kane & Abel Am I My Brother’s Keeper

Am I My Brother’s Keeper was the second and final album off No Limit for Kane & Abel. Kane & Abel put out the classic track, Gangstafied on their first album, 7 Deadly Sins. Almost three years later and several guest appearances, they returned with their second project. Time After Time was the only single released off the album and it featured Master P. Am I My Brother’s Keepers sold almost 800,000 records. Overall, this was a very underrated project and one that gets played a lot still. Unfortunately, this album isn’t available on any streaming services.


My Top 5 Tracks: Call Me When You Need Some, Time After Time, Watch Me, Ghetto Day and Stress


TRU True

This was their first major release as the other two projects were released independently. This was the album that got the name TRU out there. True was definitely better than their previous two TRU albums.


My Top 5 Tracks: I’m Bout It, Bout It, Last Dance, Would You Take a Bullet for Your Homie?, Keep It All Good and TRU Playaz


Magic Sky’s the Limit

Magic was a dope rapper with No Limit during his time. C-Murder discovered him and he finally dropped his debut, Sky’s the Limit in September of 1998. The album sold over 800,000 copies and unfortunately, this one isn’t on any streaming platforms either. Magic passed away in 2013 along with his wife in a car accident. Magic dropped 3 albums with No Limit Records and this is definitely the best one.

My Top 5 Tracks: Sky’s the Limit, Did What I Had 2, 9th Ward, Chastity and Ghetto Godzilla


Mr. Serv-On Life Insurance

Last and definitely not least, we have Mr. Serv-On who was with No Limit Records from the beginning it seems. Life Insurance was his debut album and this is another one that won’t show up on streaming services. Honestly, my expectations weren’t that high before this one dropped. After listening to it, this is definitely one of the better ones that No Limit Records dropped.

My Top 5 Tracks: Heaven is So Close, Cemetery Made, Time to Check My Fetty, Hustlin and Trin to Make It out Da Ghetto


There are other albums worth checking out in the No Limit Records catalog. Ghetto Commission, Lil Italy, Steady Mobb’n, Skull Duggery’s These Wicked Streets are just a few to peep. Enjoy the No Limit Chronicles and check out those 27 No Limit Records albums also.


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