6 Helpful Tips When Creating a Fun Family Garden Idea
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6 Helpful Tips When Creating a Fun Family Garden Idea

6 Helpful Tips When Creating a Fun Family Garden Idea

Spending more time outdoors is a positive thing to do as a family. You will all benefit from more fresh air, more sunshine, and more activity than you would if you were all lounging surrounding the house watching DisneyPlus in your PJs.

However, if your garden isn’t set up for family life, it can be difficult to enjoy spending any time out there at all. That’s why I’ve put together some ideas to help you create a fun family garden you can all enjoy….

Create distinct areas

In a family garden, it is a good idea to have distinct zones for each different purpose. You can break them up with hedges or bamboo screens, and it will mean that, even if you are all doing different things in the garden, one will not disturb the other and you will all be able to share the garden as effectively as possible.

Create a space to sit

In a family garden, you need to have a space where you can all sit and enjoy talking or eating and drinking together. Financing for new decks is very reasonable right now, and garden decking is the ideal solution for family garden seating. It will provide a solid base for a picnic table and chairs you can all gather around.

Create a play area

Of course, you will need to have a play area too. Build a swing, climbing frame, maybe even a Wendy house, and ensure the kids have plenty to keep them active. Use wood chips or a wet pour floor in this area, so that, if the kids fall, they are less likely to hurt themselves seriously, and you can let them play without worrying.

Maintain a lawn space

Don’t, however, get rid of your lawn. Having a green space is perfect for playing ball games together as a family, sitting down o the ground for s picnic princess party, finding bugs you can stuffy under the microscope, and so much more besides.

If you can keep the lawn in the center of your garden space, then it will become something of a focal point for you all to gather around, even if you are doing your own stuff in your own zones, and it will be much easier to keep an eye on the kids that way too.

Keep flowers in raised beds

A garden would be nothing without beautiful, delicate flowers, but because they are so delicate, and because your children are anything but, it is a good idea to keep flowers off the ground in raised beds, where they are much less likely to be trampled on by your kids or your pets, for that matter.

Provide shade

If you meant to spend as much time outdoors as a family, an awning is ideal as it will allow you all to stay safe in the shade at the hottest part of the day and keep the kids from getting sunburnt.

As you can see, it’s easy to create a fun family garden that has something for everyone to enjoy, so why not get out there and make it happen?

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