Soulja Slim Released His No Limit Records Debut 20 Years Ago Today
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Soulja Slim Released Give It 2 Em Raw 25 Years Ago

Soulja Slim has been referred to as the 2Pac of New Orleans. Unfortunately, like Pac Slim had his life cut short after being shot. Soulja Slim passed away in November of 2003. Before passing away, Soulja Slim was a part of the No Limit Records dynasty. The first time hearing him was on the Down South Hustlers compilation Master P put out. During that time, he was known as Magnolia Slim because he was from the Magnolia Projects. Soulja Slim reappeared on the I Got the Hook Up Soundtrack the previous month. Slim had a track called From What I Was Told that was featured on the soundtrack. From What I Was Told was his first single off Give It 2 Em Raw. At the time of its release Soulja Slim was locked up in jail for a probation violation.

Give It 2 Em Raw was a top-5 album after its release. The joint was released just two weeks after Fiend’s There’s One in Every Family debut album. Just like all other No Limit albums, this one featured a heavy presence of artists on the label. Give It 2 Em Raw is one of the many No Limit Records albums you should have in your rotation. Some other great cuts included: Street Life, At the Same Time, Pray for Your Baby, Head Buster, and Me & My Cousin. You Ain’t Never Seen, Anything, Imagine, Get High with Me, Law Brekaz and What’s Up What’s Happening. After death, he finally had the number one song in the country, which was a collaboration with Juvenile on Slow Motion. Check out the video for From What I Was Told above. Below you can peep at the track listing and stream link for the album.

Top 5 Tracks: From What I Was Told, At the Same Time, Imagine, Get High with Me and Me & My Cousin


  1. From What I Was Told
  2. Street Life ft. Silkk the Shocker, Master P & O’Dell
  3. Wright Me ft. ft. O’Dell
  4. At the Same Time ft. Snoop Dogg
  5. Only Real Niggas
  6. Pray For Your Baby ft. Master P & Tre-Nitty
  7. Head Buster ft. Big Ed & Mr. Serv-On
  8. Me & My Cousin ft. Full Blooded
  9. You Got It ft. Mia X
  10. You Ain’t Never Seen ft. Master P
  11. Anything ft. Mia X
  12. Imagine ft. C-Murder & Mac
  13. Takin’ Hits
  14. Wootay
  15. Get High with Me ft. Tre-Nitty & Mystikal
  16. Law Brekaz
  17. What’s Up, What’s Happening
  18. Hustlin’ Is a Habit ft. Steady Mobb’n
  19. Getting Real ft. Silkk the Shocker, Fiend & Full Blooded
  20. N.L. Party ft. Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Full Blooded, Tre-Nitty, Gambino Family, Big Ed, Prime Suspects, Mac, Kane & Abel, Magic & Snoop Dogg

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